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Mothering Love

Need I tell you, “Today is Mother’s Day”? A day fraught with complexity. For some this is a difficult day—one that reminds them of what they did not have or of what they have lost. For others this is a Holy Day of Obligation—the flowers, the cards, the Sunday brunch. Some preachers wrap the day in cliché. Others avoid it all together. After all, it’s Hallmark holiday, not a Holy Day in the church calendar.

And yet this is a day that offers us an opportunity to reflect on love—the kind of love that brings us to life, the kind of love we know in Christ, a mothering kind of love. Continue reading

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Hard Work

Years ago I heard a person far more experienced in the ways of faith than I say, “It’s simple really.” He was talking about a life of faith, a life in Christ. At the time I found myself thinking, “What? How can that be? That’s not been my experience.”

Today, as I hear those words, “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” and couple them with the commandment to love one another, I find myself again thinking “It’s not that simple.”

That’s an impossibly high standard Jesus is setting. No one I know can reach that bar. We all fall short of the mark. And yet Jesus bids us follow him. Jesus commands us to love one another. Jesus invites us into that circle of friendship with God and one another. How do we, mere mortals that we are, live in love and friendship with one another and with the one who calls into life? Continue reading

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