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A Matter of Choice

We’re given many opportunities to choose the voices to which we listen, the voices which we follow and the voices which we still. Father Alejandro Soliande had that choice and so did Joe Paterno. Herod Antipas had that choice and so did John the Baptist. Amos had that choice and so did that self-serving priest Amaziah. Herod chose to follow the voice of ambition, the voice of pride, the voice of reputation. John the Baptist chose to follow the voice of God.

You have that choice and so do I and does this part of the Body of Christ we call Live at Five. Will we still the voices of fear and doubt and that nagging question, “Are we up to it?” Will we follow the voice of the One who calls us to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to give shelter to the homeless, to clothe the naked, and to visit those in prison? Will we listen to the voices of the vulnerable ones? The choice is ours. Continue reading

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