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In the Bowl of a Question Mark

Each year, on the 12th of December, people throughout the Americas rise early and make their way to church where they greet  La Virgen de Guadalupe with songs and flowers and a retelling of her story.  Each year they spend … Continue reading

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Where is God?

Today as we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King our attention is drawn to a hill outside Jerusalem.  The hill known as Golgatha.  Three crosses stand on the hill.  Nailed to the crosses Jesus and two criminals.  Our memories … Continue reading

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Spreading Shalom

After the betrayal, the cooked-up charges, the Cross, the nails, the empty tomb, the Lord of the Dance comes to his disciples hiding behind locked doors and says, “Peace. Peace be with you.” Often we hear that word peace in the context of our lives—thinking when we hear it absence of conflict or inner calm. But Jesus was saying not peace but “Shalom.” “Shalom”—it means so much more than just absence of conflict or inner calm or even peace of mind. Prosperity, health, peace, wellness, completeness, safety, harmony, fulfillment, unity, restoration are all a part of God’s Shalom.1 That’s what the Lord of the Dance offers his disciples. That’s what Jesus was bestowing on those huddled behind locked doors. Shalom. Continue reading

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A Law of Love Written on World-Weary Hearts

We gather here tonight, a people weary with the weight of our world, a people numbed by the headlines of the week:

“Grieving Parents Join in March”

“‘I Am Trayvon’ Thousands Say”

“Soldier Charged in Afghanistan Murders”

“Three Plead Guilty in Death of Black Man”

“Verdict in Rutgers Case”

“Slain Teen’s Friends Say He Never Picked a Fight” Continue reading

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