My Heart Sings

“What sets your heart a singing?”  That’s the question that grounds this week’s Friday Five.  A timely redirect from the focus of the 24 hour news cycle.  

Rev Julie, from Rev Gal Blog Pals writes, 

For Friday Five this week, let’s keep the light, love and laughter going with a random selection of things to make your heart sing:

  1. Music: a song or orchestral piece that stirs your soul  Sometimes, when I look out at the world, all I seem to see are shades of gray.  It’s then I bring to mind and start singing   The song ends and I see the world around me in a different light.
  2. Indoor Place: have you got an oasis at home that you can hide away in?  Since I left my family home in St. Paul, Minnesota, I’ve lived in many different homes in many different parts of the country.  But it was not until we moved back to Albuquerque, that I understood that feeling of love and comfort and paide that my Mom seemed to get when she sat in her chair in her living room and looked out at the world beyond her walls.  My oasis, my hide away place, is a chair in the center of things.  It’s in the center, the very center of the old part of our house.  Here it is:P1010005I sit in that chair facing the bookshelf and everything but the book in my hands fades away.  I sit in that chair, look out at the room–the books in the shelves, the pillows covered in my grandmother’s needlepoint, the doll on the top of the bookshelf–and I understand my mother in whole new way.
  3. Outdoor Space: is it water, hills, woodland? Is it the fresh country air or the bustling city?  It’s hard for me to think of life-giving outdoor spaces at this time of year.  My local outdoor spaces are filled with pollen.  So I mind-travel to the distant shoreP1000947
  4. Picture: this may be a piece of art, something you created, something someone gave you…The next quilt, the next project, the next piece of handwork that will take me out of myself.  Today, it’s a pile of red and white fabric cut into strips and squares that will soon be a big white quilt with red squares of different fabric scattered throughout.  
  5. Person: do you have a go to person, for when the world is crowding in?  My better half.  Truly.  Tim.  IMG_0875.JPG
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