Friday Five: Guilty Pleasures

Marie, at RevGalBlogPals, asks,

So for today’s Friday Five, tell us about your guilty pleasures.  Here are mine!

TV Show:  NAIS and Blue Bloods  (Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck.  Need I say more?!)

Food:  Original and not at all healthy Pringles.  My mom used to buy them for me when I came home to visit.  She died ten years ago.  It’s only on Delta that I get to indulge now!

Reading Material:  Nordic Noir Mysteries.  Any and all.  It’s escape time for me.

Music:  I’ve never been a popular music afficianado.  So I have only sanctioned pleasures here–classical piano, Brahm’s German Requium, and Susannah McCorkle.

Wildcard guilty pleasure:  Red Meat

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