My Soul in Silence Waits

“Where do you go for time apart?” 3dogmom at Rev Gal Blog Pals asks.  It’s a question that turns my thoughts and my heart to a rock on the shore of Lake Superior.  A rock I’ve been visiting since I was a child.  When I feel the press of daily life closing in on me, I long for that rock.  When I need deep peace, I picture myself sitting on that rock as I listen to the waters of Lake Superior wash up on the rock.

Then I hear echoes of Robert Kooperman, a monk from the Abbey of St. John in Collegeville, Minnesota, playing “A Balm in Gilead”.  Listen in with me.

The soil of my soul is prepared.   Now I can let the words of the poem sink in.  An excerpt from May Sarton’s “Innumerable Friend”

Can we not start at the small roots again/Build this “we” slowly, gently, one by one/From each small center toward communion?/Reach over the frontier, stranger to stranger/To find the only sure relief from danger?/Take the immense dangerous leap to understand/Build an invisible bridge from mind to mind…./Let us forget these principalities, these powers:/We are theirs perhaps, but they are not ours./Turn toward each other quietly and know/There are still bridges nations cannot overthrow./And if we fight–if we must at the end–These are the bridges we fight to defend.

Let the day begin.

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3 Responses to My Soul in Silence Waits

  1. bookgirl says:

    Thank you for the piano. –Wendy

  2. What a lovely poem which expresses the blogging ministry of dialogue and speaking the truth in love– and lake view also. I too find the water (ocean is my first pref as a Cali girl but midwest lakes are amazing too) the most sacred place on earth.

  3. 3dogmom says:

    These are soul-feeding offerings you give us here. Thank you for them, and bless you in your doing and being. Thanks for playing the FF.

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