Books on the Shelf, Books at the Bedside, Books in the Kitchen

3dogmom, at RevGalBlogPals writes, 

the lure of forgotten titles and favorite stories can be deliciously distracting, not to mention inspire a Friday Five theme.

Share with us some of your favorites:


I’m cooking California these days.  Think it’s due to a memory I’m savoring–a memory of the last bite I had at Chez Panisse Cafe.  A verbena panna cotta that just slid gently down my throat.  Here are some of the books lying ready on my kitchen counter.

A NOVEL: Where to begin?  A recent favorite All the Light We Cannot See; an all-time best book ever favorite HHHH which tells the story of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague; one that launched me on a trail of a genre–Spring Moon.  There are so many favorites on my shelf.


When I’m looking for inspiration, I often turn to poetry. But sometimes biographies do the trick–here’s a look at some that I love and cannot bear to part withIMG_2047


Unknown Without a doubt, Jesus of Nazareth by Luise Schottroff and Dorothee Soelle.  

A BOOK YOU HAVE FREQUENTLY RECOMMENDED TO OTHERS: I have recommended Binet’s HHHH over and over again–particularly to people who are heading to Prague.  

BONUS:  WHAT YOU ARE READING NOW:  FullSizeRender It’s so good, I’m not even underlining.  I don’t want to interrupt the flow or give myself a shortcut when I return to it as I know I will time and again.

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