Friday Five: Favorite Places

Marie at RevGalBlogPals asks about favorite places.  Here are a few of mine:

IMG_1325 The beach in Abergele, North Wales, always reminds me of the land my ancestors once called home.  “I’m part Welsh,” I say with pride.  Then I remember Mary and Hazel and Jane–Mary who came from North Wales to Brainerd, Minnesota, in 1873.  She raised seven children on a farm she tended.  Hazel, my grandmother, dropped out of school after 8th grade.  She needed to work to help support her family.  For the rest of her life she took home-study courses.  My mother, Jane–the first of that Jones family to graduate from high school and college. 

Here’s another beach half way around the globe.  A pebble beach south of San Francisco.

pebble beach


My studio.  I spend a lot of time here–sewing and dreaming and planning new projects.


The Carnegie Library two blocks from my home in St. Anthony Park.  A place I return to every time I go home.



Chimayo–it really is holy ground.  The land, the water, the sky and the church and shrine where pilgrims tell their story of healing and hope.


The Poplar River not far from Grand Marais, Minnesota.  I feel at peace when I’m sitting on that rock in the lower right corner.  I hear the water and feel its spray on my face.  Time stops.

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2 Responses to Friday Five: Favorite Places

  1. bookgirl says:

    Wow. There’s something about the beach and water this week. For me, too. –Wendy

  2. Marie says:

    These are gorgeous places and photos. You reminded me that I miss having a library close by.

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