Rev Karla’s Friday Five: The Gift of Question

Every so often, I play the Friday Five–a gift of questions posed by one of my Rev Gal Blog Pals.  This Friday the questions come from Rev Karla who is signing off after many years of tossing out questions on a Friday.  

1.  What are you wearing right now?  (a question from my first FF play.)  I’m wearing Khaki pants, a blue three-quarter sleeve shirt and a down vest.  It’s always cold inside our house.  I’ve turned up the heat but still I can’t get warm.  So it’s another downer day!

2.  What are you having for lunch (or dinner)?  (another question from my first FF play.)  Tonight we’re have a beef saute (Hungarian Style) from the New York Times International Cookbook.  It’s a recipe I’ve been making since the mid-seventies.  My go-to comfort food.  It will be accompanied by spaghetti squash (from the Silver Palate cookbook) and sauteed arugula with minced garlic.  Maybe even a dessert.  Definitely a bottle of merlot.

3.  Share an experience of community that was transformative or precious to you.  I grew up in a community that knew how to love and care for its children.  A small community cut off from the rest of St. Paul, Minnesota, by a golf-course on the north, a freeway on the west, railroad tracks on the south and the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota on the east.  I was free to roam and safe under the watchful eyes of neighbors who knew me and cared about me–Mrs. Campbell who taught me how to sew and who always had a treat for me; Mrs. Evert who, though in her seventies, dressed up every Halloween; Mr. McWethy who, at Christmas when the carolers stopped at his door, joined in song and swaying to the beat; many more whose names I’ve long forgotten but whose stories stay in my heart.  A neighborhood that taught me I was loved.  An experience that has made all the difference in my life.  Here’s a picture of my heart home:Unknown

4.  Describe your favorite mug or glass.  A cut glass tumbler.  Perfect for merlot.  I had six.  Now there are four left.  

5.  Give a shout out to a friend or colleague!  Rev. Kristin Schultz, a Lutheran serving an Episcopal congregation.  The stable point in our shakey recent past.  She held us together with love and grace and wisdom.  I am so glad to have her as my priest and colleague.


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1 Response to Rev Karla’s Friday Five: The Gift of Question

  1. revkarla says:

    Thank you for the story of your heart-home. Beautiful. I am wondering if I can come over for dinner, because it sounds delicious. I will bring wine ! And, what would we do without our stable friends who can hold space for us in shaky times. Thank you so much for your play!

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