Friday Five: Whatcha Reading?

In no particular order:

I’ve finished volume 1 and am deep into volume 2.  These little books provide the nourishment I need on Lenten mornings.

Another Nordic Noir.  I’m really liking Kristina Ohlsson.

Every year on Ash Wednesday, I turn to Brueggemann’s “Marked by Ashes”.  I come back to the poem throughout the season of Lent because he reminds me that God Easters our ashen ways.


At least 3 times a week and sometimes more, the New York Times Cooking Newsletter arrives in my e-mail box.  Today I’m intrigued by their lemon pie recipe.  Stop by for a slice tomorrow afternoon.


It’s not wise to read something heavy right before slipping into sleep.  But that’s what has been my pattern recently.  Before I turn out the light each night, I turn to


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4 Responses to Friday Five: Whatcha Reading?

  1. Pastor Kelly says:

    Oh and you did the beautiful pics of the covers of the books to — good for us visual people. Thanks for sharing your books.

  2. I will need to check out the Kristina Ohlsson series…

  3. ooh, the Brueggemann and the Ohlsson! adding to my list.

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