Oh When The Saints Go Marching In

3DogMom at Rev Gal Blog Pals focuses today’s Friday Five on Saints.

I’m stuck on the first question–the one about a favorite saint.  I suppose I should start with one listed in my tradition’s “Lesser Feasts and Fasts”:  Florence Li-Tim Oi.  Ordained in China towards the end of World War II, Dr. Florence Li-Tim Oi was the first woman ordained to the priesthood in the Anglican Church.  We follow in her footsteps.


But the saints I remember most often are those I’ve encountered in my life.  The women and men who have shown me a side of a loving God.  Some are “saintly”; many are not at all saintly, but they surely are holy.  I suspect not only in my book but in God’s as well, for they show the face of love.  In this, her birthday week, it’s best to start with my mom–Jane Wilson Allison.  Whenever I look at this picture of us together, I feel her love and in that love get an inkling of what God’s love looks and feels like._Jane_Susan8698

Here’s another of my family saints–my husband Tim.  His patience is down right saintly.  I think that’s what makes him such a great teacher (and what has kept us together for over three decades!).


In one of my dark hours, a former Anglican nunP1010627 crossed my path.  When I first heard about her, I was terrified.  An Anglo-Catholic nun—what on earth would she see in me!  I don’t even make the sign of the cross when I consecrate the elements.   Yet never have I met a more committed, more prayerful, more fiercely Christ-like person than Felicia Pearce.

There’s a hymn often sung on All Saints Sunday.  It includes the line, “When saints above and saints below at once in concert dwell.”  Do you suppose that in the living of our lives saints above and saints below in concert hold us lightly in their love?

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1 Response to Oh When The Saints Go Marching In

  1. 3dogmom says:

    Thanks for this. I do think that saints above and below hold us lightly in their love, as well as brilliantly in the light. Sometimes all we can do for someone with out prayer is to love them, and I believe that in so loving they are also held in divine light. Thanks for playing today.

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