Friday Five: A Snow Day in Albuquerque

Deb, at Rev Gal Blog Pal’s writes, It’s a FROZEN Friday Five

1. For The First Time in Forever: Tell us about a magical first snow day – for a child, a transplanted southerner, or maybe you have a great story from the first snowfall in your area this season

Today, is the day!  The first Snow Day in years in Albuquerque.  I can imagine the mountains, the Heights, and even the West Side are covered in deep snow.  Here in the Valley we only have a dusting.  Here you can see Guadalupe praying for another day of snow:

IMG_1590Yet on this not very snowy morning, I’m encountering the silence that comes with the first real snow of the season.  The silence of those magical, snow-lit nights I remember from my Minnesota childhood.

2. In Summer: Tell us what you look forward to when it’s warmer again.

IMG_0006Early morning bike rides in the Bosque,



IMG_0864returning to my rock by the shore of Lake Superior,



IMG_0047breakfast in the courtyard.




3. Reindeers are Better than people: We are in the business of loving people. But sometimes… Well, it’s a bit of a stretch to love. Do you have a tip, a mantra, or a perspective that helps?

Returning to the breath rising and falling in my body.  

4. Fixer Upper: Since we are in the season of Lent, what are you doing in the area of self-improvement?

Cutting back on the calories I’ve been consuming (the clothes are fitting better) and changing my breakfast routine to a small bowl of hot oatmeal.  

5. Let. It. Go. What would Elsa do? Are you de-cluttering? Moving on? Accepting a hard reality? Finding freedom?

I’m returning to another practice I learned years ago–when I’m irritated or bothered, I’m asking myself the question, “How much will this matter in a week, in a month, in a year?”  It’s surprising how much doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Bonus: Frozen, thawing out or thawed, share a picture from your winter this year!

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1 Response to Friday Five: A Snow Day in Albuquerque

  1. Deb says:

    Perfect timing for a snow day!

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