Friday Five: A Nod to the New

It’s early January and Rev Gal Blog Pals turn their eye to the New–new foods, new words, new resolves, new things.

But it’s January and I have a hard time seeing the new.  All around me lay relics of the year gone by–bills not yet paid, letters still to be written, habits left unbroken, and–outside my window–leaves yet to be raked and bagged and sent away.

I’m reminded of a song I learned long ago: ” Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”  For me, the long days of January are times of new and old, silver and gold.

A new commitment to push the boundaries of my abilities by trying my hand at new media–fiber arts and fabric forms.  This linen bowl  from Verdant Hues in Berkeley, Ca., has inspired me to try my hand at silk vases.  ( A noble use for the silk that remains from the clergy stoles I used to make!)  Unknown

A renewed commitment to starting each day with a time in silence–even if it means getting up earlier or getting places later.  And a longing to spend some of that time with my old friend, Howard Thurman.thurman meditations

A new determination to spend less time reading mysteries and more time readin
g great literature–be it poetry or fiction.  My current favorite:Unknown-1All silver threads among the gold of what has become the warp and the woof of my life.

The golden thread of a life-long commitment to my anchor, my rock, my husband and very best friend.  IMG_0877

Laps in a pool and walks on the shore–the sound and smell and feel of water.IMG_0863

And an abiding commitment always to strive to live more fully into the person and priest I was created to be.P1010391


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