Random Friday Five~Tinsel Toe Edition

Rev Karla at Rev Gal Blog Pals writes,

“Happy Friday Five, all you gals and pals winding your way through Advent!

“Time to take a break, put your tinsel toes on, and play a round of Friday Five for a breath or two.”

1. What song are you grooving to these days?  At this time of year, I always go back to the same old songs from a CD I stumbled on one hot July day in Castine, Maine:Unknown

2. If YOU were a room in your home, what would it be, and why?  I love my home.  I love the rooms of my home–IMG_0047especially my little front courtyard on a late spring morning.  But I am happy being me.  And I’m happy being me in all the rooms in which I live.

3.  Tell us about a tiny  (or HUGE) grace moment from this week.  On Monday night, as our church governing group was breaking up, a friend just tossed an aside about a movie she watches over and over–“Silver Lining Playbook”.  I filed it away but never thought I’d be needing it so soon.  Today I got a piece of crappy news–nothing deadly just irritating.  I was so mad, I couldn’t even deal with it.  So I turned on my Apple TV, went to Netflix, and dialed in “Silver Lining Playbook.”  It was just what a good doctor or spiritual director or friend might have ordered.  Saved the day.  I’m going to bed with a smile on my face.  I’d say that’s a mighty big moment of grace!

5.  If you could just have any treat/snack in the world right now, what it would be and with whom would you share it? (assuming you are in a sharing kind of mood.  Just what I’m having–a sparkling water with a twist of Meyer Lemon.  Light. A fitting way to slip into the night.  I’ll share with all who are thirsty.

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2 Responses to Random Friday Five~Tinsel Toe Edition

  1. Great plays, and tips for the music and movie – Thanks!
    and for the refreshing drink of sparkling water with that generous slice of Meyer’s lemon… 😉

  2. revkarla says:

    I love that movie, too. Thanks for the play, and I would love to sip some sparkling water!

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