Friday Five: O Christmas Tree

3DogMom at Rev Gal Blog Pals writes,

It’s been a week of wrangling with the Christmas tree at our house. Multiple strands of new lights were strung carefully on the tree for big impact, but here and there malfunctions and blackouts occurred. On the third day we still don’t have fully functional lights, which is problematic mostly because until that is resolved, nothing else goes on the tree.

In light of that (no pun intended) I thought The Christmas Tree might be a good launch pad for today’s FF. So…

1) Real tree, or “fake?”  Real tree, of course.  What else would we have to fight about in December!  

“Hold it up straight,” my husband says as he’s tightening the screws in the stand.

“I am,” I shriek in return.  

IMG_0255Then we both step back and take a look.  This is what we see.  Notice the tilt.  So we start again.  I grab and hold while my husband twists the three screws tighter still.

2) White or colored lights?  White lights that have lasted longer than anyone could reasonably expect.  Though maybe this year we’ll try the new strand of led lights on fake liquid silver.  

3) When do you put up and take down your tree?  The tree goes up Dec. 15 and not a day before.  (Though this year we’ll bring it home Dec. 12.)  It goes down on Epiphany.

4) Tell us about your favorite ornament (share a picture, if you can).  When I was a childP1010093 we stopped at a gift shop on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  There we bought several wooden ornaments–angels all.  A Finnish angel, a Swedish angel, an African American angel, too.  Those angels now hang on my tree.  They carry me back to my childhood and the magic of Christmas past.  If you look very closely, you can see a red-headed angel with green wings just below the red truck on the upper right side of the tree.

5) What goes on the top of your tree (again, share a photo, if possible)?IMG_0209Another angel.  This one from Oakland, California.  We got her the first year in seminary.

Bonus: Are there traditions about decorating your tree that you’d like to share?

The season begins tonight at our house.  My husband calls it “The Scrooge Season.”  I call it Christmas.  First we write the Christmas letter and then the decorations come out.  Here’s what we’ll see until we put up the tree.  P1010095(I especially love the Christmas Fairy I got in Wales four years ago.)  But the creche from Jemez is a treasure too.P1010096

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1 Response to Friday Five: O Christmas Tree

  1. 3dogmom says:

    I love your banter, and the descriptions of your angels. Thanks for including the pictures, and thanks for playing!

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