Songs of Thankfulness

Jan at Rev Gal Blog Pals asks today:

1. What is your cure for the “mulleygrubs”?  

Though I’m not entirely sure what “mulleygrubs” is or are, I’m thinking they are “the blahs” or “the doldrums” or some other equally undesirable yet not deadly state.    My cure for the blahs is a swim, a bike ride or a survey of my fabric stash–all inducing dream states that transport me from the reality of the moment.

2.  Where will you be for Thanksgiving?  

I’ll be at Yank Sing eating Dim Sum IMG_0179with my best friend.  We do this every year.  Then we walk the beach and close the day with a piece of pumpkin pie which we snag from good friends who prefer a more traditional Thanksgiving meal.  You can see Tim diving into the Shu Mai in the picture to the right.

3.  What foods will be served?  

Unknown-2Pork Shu Mai, Pork Buns, Curry Chicken Pastry,  many varieties of shrimp, a glass of wine or maybe Tsingtao beer and a pot of jasmine tea.  All together a stunning and quite filling meal.  Here’s a picture from last year’s feast.  

3.  What do you wish could be deleted from your traditional Thanksgiving Meal?                                                                                                                                             

Our very meal is a feast post-deletion.  Gone is the turkey and the mashed potatoes too.  Gone are the green beans and the jello mold.  Gone are the awkward conversations that often happen when folks are grafted on to some other family’s Thanksgiving feast.  

What’s left?  Two people eating food they love in a place they love with people they love.  All followed by a post-prandial pumpkin pie at the table of friends who know us so well that they don’t expect us before the smell of turkey cooking has left the kitchen.  

4.  In this season of Thanksgiving what are you grateful for?                           

Friends and family scattered far and wide (and close-by too).  

Tim and Tex and Princess Kay (aka Faith).

Work I love.  

Hands that move.  

Insights that come with age.  



Eyes that see and ears that still hear.  

Muriel, Debby, Felicia, Mary, Paco, Mom, Dad, Gene, Ellis, Juanita and all the rest who join with us as we remember our fore bearers at our Thanksgiving table.

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1 Response to Songs of Thankfulness

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.

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