Guilty Pleasures

3dogmom at Rev Gal Blog Pals writes, 

It happened again this week. In a social setting, during a conversation with people that included some I had just met, I made a reference to the church I serve. “Oh!” one of the new acquaintances exclaimed, “I shouldn’t have said hell!” Sigh. This kind of projection can be so tiring, as can the general need to be mindful of how our words and actions are perceived as appropriate (or not). In light of that, I relish moments to myself when I can shed all such perceptions and projections and just be. Occasionally this involves what might be known as a guilty pleasure.

For this week’s Friday Five, share with us five “perception be damned!” pleasures in which you indulge.  So here goes:

I work in a homeless shelter and serve two congregations—

one in the shelterIMG_0611


and a Sunday evening community in a big Episcopal church not far from the shelterIMG_0283


Neither community reflects my demographic.

So my very way of life—

The house I love so muchP1010008

The trips I takeIMG_0305P1000437




UnknownThe clothes I wear (You know those are the clothes on a younger,  taller, and thinner woman!)



Even the fabric I play withP1010063



And so I assuage my guilt. I tell myself that all that I do—

         *Being priest in two communities gathered together in love

         and friendship with God and one another

         *Living in a house my husband and I both love and can

         afford without sacrifice

         *Wearing clothes that are pleasing not only to me

         *Visiting friends and family that live in great places

         *Making quilts

Is done with love and laughter and great joy.

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4 Responses to Guilty Pleasures

  1. 3dogmom says:

    If you are in a position to have those things, you SHOULD enjoy them! I’m glad you do. Guilt is overrated. 😉

  2. Julie says:

    It seems to me that you have a great balance here – and we all need balance!

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