Friday Five: Times of Transition and Change

Deb, at Rev Gal Blog Pals writes, “this week’s Friday Five is all about that time called “the in-betweens.” Thanks to the Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer song, ACCENtuate the Positive, here’s our FIVE:

This Friday Five, focusing as it does on transition and change, resonates with me this morning though, on the surface, I’m floating in the gentle waters of continuity and stability. And yet as I look at my life and me in that life, I see change and transition of a very different sort than I have experienced before.

This time of transition, this moment of change, feels a bit more like entering into a new epoch than stepping into a change of job or place of living or marital status. I’ve made plenty of those kind of changes, but this feels like something bigger, more long-lasting. A bit like this Northern Minnesota woodland—birches coming to the end of their natural life and conifers growing in the new light exposed by the dying birches. The birches go but the forest remains.


So it is for me at this point in my life—the intensity of two very demanding (and rewarding and challenging and sometimes draining) careers wanes and what is left is a door open to possibility and promise and, most assuredly loss along with gain.

This summer, I’m stepping into a different era of my life—I’m cutting back on work and focusing even more on love and friendship, on creating and ordering, on self-care and self-nurturing. Doing what I love to do and what I believe I am created to do.

1. “ACCEN-tuate the positive…” begins the song. Tell us something that makes (or has made) your time of transition a good thing.

The support and encouragement of my best friend. Here we are taking a break after hiking up the Onion River trail.IMG_0877

2. “ELIM-inate the negative…” (yes, that’s the next phrase!) Share with us a pro-active step you are making (or have made) in times of transition to make things less stressful.

This time around, I’m more open about both the transition itself and the challenges and joys that come with it. It’s easier to share the work with others.

3. “LATCH ON to the affirmative…” What’s ahead? Even if the future is a bit hazy, what joy or learning has come your way from your previous position?

It may take me longer to call up names and I can no longer scramble up trails carved out of rock, but with the perspective length of days offers, I’ve gained a depth of compassion I have not experienced before. That’s a gift of age. And I have also developed an eye for and an appreciation of the little things in life. Here’s an example:IMG_0929

4. “But don’t mess with Mr. In-Between…”  Many of us are in that space of “in-between”. Or we remember it all too well! How are you caring for yourself in the uncertain times (or have done so in the past?)

Swimming laps, sewing quilts, seeing friends, strengthening exercises, and silence.

5. “Have faith, or pandemonium’s liable to walk upon the scene.” In the  “Faith – to – Pandemonium” spectrum, where are you? What peeks of joy do you see through the clouds of crazy, even the upheaval?”

Joy abounds. It’s all around. The trick I think—at least for me—is taking time to see and savor it.



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2 Responses to Friday Five: Times of Transition and Change

  1. Elaine says:

    Entering a different era…prayers of deep grace and deep peace…which I already see in this post. Enjoy this new era!

  2. Deb says:

    So true – taking the TIME to stop and see the beauty is crucial. It’s important. It’s necessary. And it’s so stinking hard to do.

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