Stones on the Altar


Last Sunday, I put stones on the altar.  Little ones about the size of the stones in the image above.  Stones I had carried back from Iona, the island in Scotland where I had gone on retreat several years ago.  When I read the scripture assigned for the day, I immediately remembered those stones from Iona. 

Iona is one of those thin places in this world–a place where saints above and saints below seem to dwell in mystic harmony.  It’s a place to which people often return in order to feed their souls.  The people of Iona encourage visitors to bring some of these rocks home with them so those rocks can ground other souls.

In that first letter of Peter, the author talks about cornerstones, royal priesthoods, God’s chosen people as he says, “You are God’s chosen….”  I think that’s a letter addressed to all who follow Jesus–including you and me. We are cornerstones called to proclaim a God who meets us in our brokenness and brings us into light.  

We all gathered around the altar for communion and then stayed to pray together the post communion prayer.  I blessed those stones that had travelled to New Mexico from Iona and then, when people were ready, they came up and took a stone that spoke to them.  

I do believe that we are a cornerstone kind of people.  We have met God in the darkness of our own individual lives.  We can proclaim loudly that God is a god who brings her people into light.  We know that from the depth of our souls. 


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