Summer’s On The Way

Friday Five: Spring Fling Edition

Woohoooo! I wore sandals this week and my toes didn’t go numb!! That’s how I know winter is really over. For this week’s Friday Five, tell us 5 things that let you know “Spring is here!!” In your part of the world.


It’s the last week of April, and I’m here to say, “Summer is most assuredly on it’s way.”  The pollen count’s down–blooms turned to leaves; winds increasing (along with the dust); honeysuckle budding and hummingbirds back; IMG_0006acequias filled for watering fields.  Clearly we are well into spring.  As for me–I’m not quite sure.  Somehow I missed winter this year.  A dash of snow and a quick IMG_0593trip home to snow drifts as high as the highest hedge gave me a taste of winter.  But for winter to be winter in the way it should, I need to hole up and hibernate.  That didn’t happen this year.  Not for me.  So I’ll fling into spring in a different way–cleaning the closets and sorting the clothes; shifting from quilts made of flannel to quilts made of cotton; taking time to just be by myself–quietly, at home, with a book and two dogs; and at the end of the day–P1010321long spring-time walks with my husband at twilight.  Then I’ll be ready for the full
light of summer:  a boat-load of house guests, back-yard parties, and a trip to my favorite place in the world–the Poplar River on Minnesota’s North Shore.

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1 Response to Summer’s On The Way

  1. Deb says:

    Ah yes. As my kids call it “The Holy Drill of the Closets.” 🙂 I think I’ll write a litany some day on that. There’s something about the change of seasons that is so delightful.

    Thanks for playing! 🙂

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