Friday Five: Whale Songs

It’s almost 8:00 am here in Hawaii.  Time to  get started with the day.  My Friday discipline is to begin the day with a cup of coffee, some time sitting in silence and then playing Rev Gal Pals’ Friday Five.  Since the Friday Five isn’t up yet, I’m making up own. I’m calling it “Whale Songs” because yesterday I listened live to whales  singing to one another.  I was listening in on the world around me.  Here are five whale songs I’ve heard in the week gone by.  Some are songs I’ve sung myself and some are songs I’ve heard others sing: 1.  The songs of silence a Hawaiian sunset brings.  I hear echoes of Simon and Garfunkel ripple in the reds of the sky.image 2.  At the the emergent church Episcopal service I lead on Sunday nights, we sing a short creed. It begins, “We remember that You love us…”  This week that song has been reverberating in my mind as I remember the feel of the chrism oil on my forehead–marked as Christ’s own forever.”image

3.  Some of those whale songs have taken on a minor key this week as I remember three friends I have lost in the last year–two to death and one to a breach in our friendship I still don’t understand.

4.  The naturalist on our boat said that in the warm Hawaiian waters there’s a lot of whale romances budding. I’ve been hearing love songs playing in my head as I look at the man sharing his journey of life with me.P1000359

5.  The whale song that seems to stick with me–perhaps because it so fits the moment is Louis Armstrong’s ” what a beautiful world.”

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