Friday Five: August Already???????????

1.  First, how are you doing?   August–my favorite month.  Or so it used to be.  When I was a child, we’d pack up the car on the first Friday in August and head west across the plains to California and the OCEAN!!!!!!!  Later, August took on a different pace.  It became “The Time of Getting Ready.”  Getting ready for school, getting ready for college, getting ready for another year of teaching.  Clothes to buy, books to read, last-minute things to do.  In the last few years, August has been “A Time of Heading Home.”  P1010632Home to Minnesota, home to the State Fair, home to long-time friends.  Now all that’s taken on a different hue.  August has become for me a time of mourning–mourning the loss of my nephew who died a year ago this month; mourning his cousins’ loss of innocence; and mourning the loss of my long-term friend who was there when I started teaching, there when I left my first husband, there when I remarried, there when I was ordained.  A year ago this August, she learned that, as she put it, her “days on this earth were numbered.”

What’s going on with you?  I’m in the midst of re-making August.  Don’t know quite what that’s going to look like.  Some things are sure:                        

Back to the pool six days a week.images-7

Mornings with Howard Thurmanthurman meditations

More balance to my life

2.  Is there anything you need to Keep Calm and Cowgirl Up for?

Yikes!!  Yes.  At the end of August, my husband and I are hosting a huge party for our combined birthdays.  And the second week in October, I am hosting Ecclesia Ministries’ “Come, See and Be Weekend” in Albuquerque.  Not to mention next week when I meet with the new Dean of the Bishop’s School for Ministry to propose a course on Ministry on the Margins required of all people in the ordination process in our diocese.

3.  If you were going to make a “Keep Calm and __________” logo for a t-shirt, what would it be?  

Do you remember the Annie Dillard book in which she talks about her childhood?  At one point, she describes an attitude towards life or maybe it was advice she received.  She says, “All you have to do is point, aim and dive.”  Hence my t-shirt would read:  “Keep Calm and Dive In”.  Perhaps this would be what the shirt would look like:images-1

4.  What are you looking forward to in the next week or so?  I am so looking forward to this Sunday when the two congregations I serve will meet at the day shelter where the Congregation of St. Martin’s meets.  Imagine–a congregation of homeless and formerly homeless hosting a congregation of housed but also more than a little on the margins.  Tears come to my eyes just thinking about it. Here’s where we’ll be on Sunday morning.  Join us if you’re in town.P1010391

5.  Use the following words in a sentence:     cape, river, dancing, paws, glory   Not far from Cape Rossier, close to the great Penobscot river, cats and dogs were dancing with glory, paws pointed to the bay.

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1 Response to Friday Five: August Already???????????

  1. so sorry for all those august losses – my own father’s passing was aug 1st, 7 yrs ago now, but adding to the list.. glad for the events you’re planning and the Joy in that creativity…

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