Brrr–It’s Cold Outside

The question came from a Rev Gal Pal in the motherland of heat and humidity, Washington D.C.  “How do you keep cool?” she asked as the heat index in her neck of the woods climbed into the three-diget zone.  Here in the high desert we’re already headed towards winter.  Cooler nights have come and maybe they might just stick around.  The three-diget highs are gone for the year (or so I believe.)  And the monsoons have returned after a two-year hiatus.  Around the first of July we trade heat for humidity–not not that stifling humidity that suffocates much of the country, but a humidity that can give curl to straight hair.  

We still need our cooling tricks and treats.  Winter doesn’t set in here until long after the balloon fiesta ends in mid-October.  Here are my cool tricks and treats:

1. Cool treat


This summer my go-to cool treat is watermelon–au natural, in a salad (heirloom tomatoes, diced watermelon, and thinly sliced red onion), or–best of all–watermelon sorbet atop a thin slice of watermelon!
2. Cool drinkimages-1

Nothing beats a glass of German sekt–unless perhaps a second glass of sekt!  But for those moments when I need to be super alert, my cool drink of choice is Pete’s Jasmine Lime Cooler (easy to make with 1/3 C frozen limeade, 1/3 C sugar, gobs and gobs of Jasmine tea)images-2
3. Cooling-off placeP1000948

4. Cool clothes

Linen–loose, crisp, and right off the clothes line.

5. Best alternative to air-conditioning

I’ve tried them all–swamp cooler, mister, a musty mid-west basement.  For my money, rugged coasts–be they in California or Scotland are the only alternative to air-conditioning.  Since I’m stuck in the high desert, I’ll stick with air-conditioning!

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1 Response to Brrr–It’s Cold Outside

  1. Deb says:

    Oh man, I love that watermelon salad combination. It sounds delish! 🙂 Thanks for playing!

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