Friday Five: A Hint of Randomness

1.  How are you doing?  What’s going on in your life?

This is a red-letter day for me:  the two rambunctious cattle dogs have finally learned to heel so the morning walk was a delight; that walk was followed by coffee with a friend; at the shelter I was met by a gift from one of our regulars—a genuine Panama cigar box that she had used for her sewing accoutrements; and a day capped off with a really good meeting making headway on an important issue.  Now I’m making Carbonara with meyer lemon pasta.  That and a good red wine.  What more can one want at the end of a busy week?


2.  Have you ever resigned from a position?  What was the good-bye like?

I was rector of a parish gone amok.  They called me because I was a change agent and had a track record of bringing about growth.  But even as I was being called, folks were lobbying to get me out.  As I look back, they were right.  We weren’t a fit for one another.  Slowly things fell apart.  In the end, I resigned.  To this day, I feel good about how I conducted myself and what I preached.  But one thing I regret is that we didn’t sit down and plan a farewell that was true to what both the parish and I were feeling.


3. So, we are still resurrecting…still getting used to New Life!!  What is a source of new life for you?

Tex and Faith.

Tex and Faith0256

The people in the Congregation of St. Martin’s—the community that worships in the back of a day shelter.St. martin's congregation


My fabric stash (always a new project awaits).


Tim whose surprises and delights are new every morning.


4.  My friend is running the marathon on Friday, because it is on her bucket list.  What is something on your bucket list?

Cooking school (preferably in Italy)

5.  Tell us about one precious thing (tangible) you keep around your house, your altar, your pocket, and what is its story?


My kitchen—it’s the center of life in our house and it holds many of my most precious objects.  The spider poised on the hood.  A gift from one of my closes friends.  The apple stencil above the toaster reminds me of the apple stencils in my great aunt’s house.  I love the stove, the big center island, and the door to the outside world.  The heartbeat of our house.

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