Friday Five: Kicking Back

It’s the week after Easter and all through the church, clergy and church ladies are kicking back. Taking a break.  Treating themselves to spa trips and lunches and lattes too.  But not me.  My kicking back will have to wait.  I’ve got a wedding to do–blessing the union of two very close friends.  And a big conference too.  Not to mention a meeting with my bishop.  Committees kicking in–big time.  And a sermon to write.  No kicking back for me.  (Have I whined enough?)

But when it’s all over.  When the wedding bells ring.  When the conference is done.  When the monthly cycle of committees has ended. Then I can kick back full force–a day of quilting with a weaver friend, two Saturdays with no sermon to write, a trip to Santa Fe to see two quilt shows, and to top it all off–a birthday trip to San Francisco–shopping and walking and eating great food, visits with friends, two days at the beach.  That’s kicking back big time I’d say.



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1 Response to Friday Five: Kicking Back

  1. Hang in there Rev Alli! The sabbath is coming, though delayed. And it sounds just amazing! Blessings for all.

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