All you have to do is….

This week’s Friday Five is simply a moment to BREATHE. Stop and tell us five ways that you “catch your breath” and then move on in the work God calls you to do.



A cup of coffee, the New York Times, and some quiet time on the patio give me space to breathe and start me on my day.





But there are days when it’s just too cold to sit outside.  Those aremy study the days I brew a cup of coffee, go to my study, close the door, and sit in the chair I share with my dog Tex, and look out at the books and people and little things that ground me in memory and hope.  (This might be one of those days.)

When I really need to breathe deep, I have to be on the move.  Swimming or riding my bike does the trick for me.  This is what I see on my morning (or in the winter afternoon) bike ride:IMG_0006


When my heart feels weary or when the walls seem to close in,  I go the psalms–Psalm 18, verse 20:

God brought me out into an open place; she rescued me because she DELIGHTED in me.

But when I’m in the midst of things and I feel that old familiar sense of things beginning to fall apart, I pause, take a deep, deep breath and let the peace that comes with it move through my body.  It often does the trick!

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2 Responses to All you have to do is….

  1. Deb says:

    Lovely!! I especially love the picture of the stream. 🙂

  2. Purple says:

    What a great “inside” study you have.

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