Friday Five–Searching for Spring

Every week the people at Rev Gal Blog Pals toss out a set of five questions, some stir my heart, some provoke my imagination, and some leave me wondering.  So it was today.  I just couldn’t connect with the set of questions about technology.  I confess, my addiction may be blocking my response.  Besides, it’s the Ides of March and I’m on a search for spring.  It’s something I do at this time of the year.

When I was a child in Minnesota, a mid-march search for spring was a challenge.  But still I found signs of spring:          thin ice                                                          

the thin black ice over puddles that had frozen during the night,  the assurance that it would be at least nine months before there was another full day lived at below zero temps! the sight of people wearing shorts on the first warm day,  little patches of green grass poking through the spots where sun had melted the snow, robins returning                                              

spring sign

Now I live far away from the land of deep winter.  Signs of spring are different in a desert.  But they’re still there:   birds returning to the hedge outside my window, bicyclists on the bike path, soft red dessert sunsets, daffodils (a sign of spring both here in New Mexico and in Wales– the land of my forbearers), the energy I feel returning after my annual winter hibernationrenewed energy


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