Friday Five: Random Personal Maps!



Happy Friday friends!!
Today, our Friday Five is about YOU….and if your life were a map, well….

1. What is beyond your boundaries?
Boxing (watching or doing), Running (knees don’t like the stress), Eggs That Look Like Eggs, Yard Work
2. Where are the cities or neighborhoods that need “redevelopment” or attention?
Writing Thank You Notes in a Prompt Manner–Same With Sympathy Cards
3.  What are the verdant valleys?
Swimming Laps, Biking in the Early Mornings, Walking my Dogs, Reading in my Favorite Chair, Ministry with the Homeless
4. Where are the deserts?
Not Far Outside my Door for I Live in the High Desert–And then there’s the internal desert of the deep grief I feel over losing a long-term friend to a wicked cancer.
5.  Where is the hidden treasure?
The Great Gifts of my Life:
                                                         A Long, Long Love Affair
                                                                                Good FriendsP1010644                                                                        
                                                               Mornings in the Bosque
BONUS!  Where is the coolest place you have been on the globe?
China (especially Xi’an)  I’d been digging for it for years and then in 1982 I found myself there with the love of my life.  (See above!)
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2 Responses to Friday Five: Random Personal Maps!

  1. I’m with you on the thank-yous. Great pictures!

  2. Leah Sophia says:

    your beautiful pictures give me hope! so sorry about your friend… thanks for playing; peace!

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