Today is Friday.  Time to roll out the Friday Five or my riff on it.  The question of the day–“What makes you smile?”  There’s so much that makes me smile.

timTim makes me smile–almost all the time.  He knows how to tease me out of my crankiness, how to distract me from my fears, how to deflate even the most tense moments.  Here he’s teasing me through a trail in the north woods of Minnesota.  (I’m smiling just remembering the moment!)

Tex makes me smile too.  He’s such a goofy dog. P1000997 And he gets such joy in life.  Though there are times I understand why the other families returned him to the shelter.  Most days I catch his smile and can’t help flashing a smile back at him.

Sometimes tender things call out in me a tender smile.  More a smile of connection acknowledged more than anything else.

IMG_0213 20-43-36
Though there’s a tinge of sadness or regret mixed in as well.  Smiles that say, “There is a thread that binds.”  Tex’s sister Faith triggers such smiles in me.

shoe boatSometimes the irony of things just makes me smile.  This in a bay in Wales.  Three years later and I’m still shaking my head, smiling and wondering, “Did I imagine this?”

Sometimes memories make me smile.  They flash into my consciousness and I can feel myself breaking into a smile.  Memories of wild and crazy times, memories of moments spent in reverie, memories of the Sunday suppers in my childhood–fudge and popcorn.  All we could eat.

The Congregation of St. Martin’s makes me smile.  P1010391I love the rawness and the realness of it all.  People who live on the streets and people who live in really big houses coming together to hear a story of God’s love in action, to share the bread and wine (alcohol free) and then to go about their day and week knowing that there is at least one place where we are one.

Louis Armstrong–it’s such fun to smile along with him.  But I’ve yet to figure out how to insert sound or video.  So you’ll have to hum along in your head, “When you’re smiling, O when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

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4 Responses to Smiling

  1. Louis Armstrong makes me smile too!

  2. janintx says:

    Your pictures are wonderful. I loved the conversation you had with us all about your smiles, especially about your memories. Thank you.

  3. Leah Sophia says:

    beautiful images, thoughtful play; thanks!

  4. Wayne Stratz says:

    Am imagining Louis singing What a Wonderful World

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