This week the Rev Gal Blog Pals challenge is one regarding leftovers.  Here are the questions Rev Gal Deb has posted:

1.  What has SURPRISED you in this season of Thanksgiving? It can be culinary, personal or spiritual.  A little over two years ago, we moved back to New Mexico.  In the ten years we spent in the Bay Area, we had honed our grown-up way to a fine point.  One of our traditions was having our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at Yank Sing, a white-tablecloth Dim Sum restaurant in downtown San Francisco.  This morning, my husband turned to me and said, “I miss our Thanksgivings.”  We were both surprised by how much we had come to love our little tradition.

2. Share a recipe or a favorite way to use up all the extra food from a big holiday meal! What’s your specialty? Tacos? Pot Pies? Soup? Eggrolls? (It goes without saying — we want the recipes!)  This one is easy (easy to answer and easy to do!).  Here’s the recipe for Minnesota Wild Rice Soup:     1.)  Cover 1 cup of wild rice with 3 cups of water and cook just under a boil until rice pops out and is cooked; 2)  drain and add to pan chicken broth (I make my own from the Neiman-Marcus cookbook–easy and delicious) to cover but not flood the wild rice; 3)  chop 1 onion and 2 carrots  fine, saute until clear and add to soup; 4) dice left-over ham and add to soup; 5)  add chipotle powder to taste; 6)  simmer soup for twenty minutes to let the flavors blend; 7) add heavy cream until the soup gets the consistency and color you desire  
3. We have a Sunday in between Thanksgiving and Advent this year, (to which all the preachers say, “THANK YOU!”) Are you wrapping up Thanksgiving, preaching about Christ the King, or having “leftovers” with someone doing pulpit supply? (I would note that as a seminarian, this was the weekend I was always assigned to preach.)
This was the FIRST Sunday I preached when I was in seminary.  It was a challenge and has continued to be a challenge.  But this year I am really excited to be preaching Christ the King Sunday.  It’s the context of its creation and the context in which we find ourselves this Thanksgiving weekend that tickles my creative bone.  I’m chomping at the bit to get going on the writing!
4. Do you give the holidays their due? Or are you tempted to rush past the fall festivals for a love of Christmas? Holidays–what holidays?  No Dim Sum, not in San Francisco until Dec. 14, and I have work to do today.  For the love of Christmas, let’s get on with it!

5. Is there some THING, some TASK or some ONE who gets the “leftovers” of your attention? Hmmmm… yeah, that one may not be easy to answer  On my way to this computer, I walked past many things that get the “leftovers” of my attention.  To name a few:  the limoncello I started almost two years ago, a basket of mending, the stack of memorial gifts I intend to make, four quilts that need fixing, the filing I’ve left undone.  This is getting depressing.  Time to walk the dogs and head off to work.

BONUS: A photo of your last holiday spread, family/guests or soup pot. Or those who are begging for the same.

Christmas Eucharist at St. Martin’s Hospitality Center

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3 Responses to Leftovers

  1. YUM! That soup sounds amazing! And, what a delightful little tradition you had in San Francisco….I imagine the Chinese restaurants in New Mexico are not at all like the ones in San Francisco….

  2. Deb says:

    I will keep that soup idea in mind. I love wild rice, and it would be a nice change! Thanks for playing today! 🙂

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