The folks at Rev Gal Blog Pals are looking at Mulleygrubs,  giving thanks and Thanksgiving.  This morning, I’m in a rush:  I want to cook a special breakfast for my husband; I have to walk the dogs; there’s an appointment I dread but can’t avoid; lunch with a friend, a meeting, and then at the far end of the day–coming home.  Did I mention finding time to read and pray and sit a spell.  Oh the business of the day!  Mollygrubness–who has time for it?So I flipped quickly from Rev Gal Blog Pals to my e-mail.  And there it was. Not my answer to Mulleygrubs, but rather a different form or way of talking about that cloud that comes and hangs over folks keeping them from savoring life.  This week, Buddy Stallings, the rector of St. Bart’s in New York, talks about lostness.  Here’s what he has to say:

“But there is another kind of lost-ness that I fear now. A friend and I spent a full lunch recently discussing the shear craziness of our lives; constant connection, checking email every waking moment and sometimes in barely awake moments in the middle of the night, trying to be everything to everyone, most particularly ourselves, and on and on. When we become so lost in that kind of frenetic living that it seems like home, we are in big trouble psychically and ultimately physically as well.”In the ‘business’ himself, the church business, we agreed that if part of our role is to model‘holiness of life,’ we are sadly deficient in this area — which is in fact every area because it is the way we work, the nature of our work.”

So today and throughout this busy season of Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas and New Years and Epiphany and all that follows, I’m going to point my keel to holiness of life.  I imagine that in doing so, I’ll find myself stopping and giving thanks.   But that’s not what I’ll be focusing on.  Instead, I’m going to focus on the holiness of the moment.  Starting now.

I think that is an antidote to Mulleygrubs and to lostness and maybe disconnectedness as well.  


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  1. Purple says:

    “Lost in the frenetic living”…that so depicts the days from now until the end of the year.

  2. leah says:

    thanks so much… I keep telling myself I’d give *almost* anything to get that non-stop life with constant demands back again, then I try to tell myself it might not be the best thing after all, yet I realize how physically and psychologically ill I’ve become without opportunities for service, and without the community God created me for; peace to all of us.

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