Happy Happy Happy Talk

“Remember the joyful sweetness of our lives!” urged my Rev Gal Blog Pal today.  What timely advice in the aftermath of the first storms of the winter season, the last storm of the election season, and the turbulence of life in these times.

At the close of this day, I give thanks for the “joyful sweetnesses” that are and have been a part of my life.

 The man with whom I share a life.  Memories of Saturdays doing chores.  Conversations at the kitchen counter.  Cross-country car trips.  A knowing look.  The sound of my name coming from his lips.  Just the thought of him brings a smile to my face.

My mom.  We had our moments when I was young, but it’s mom who taught me the look and feel of limitless love.

Friends old 

And new

Time spent together  both here and there

Memories shared                        and laughter echoing over the sea

Are we really so far apart?

Long  walks on Ocean Beach

The smells

The sounds

The feel of the ocean mist on my face

But sweetest of them all

Sunset on clear day with a wide, wide tide

Quiet times in my study

The congregation of St. Martin’s              

There’s a sweet, sweet spirit to the place and to the people too.

*Friends who live on the margins *Friends who teach me the ways of courage and grace           *Friends who, like the Phoenix, rise again and again from the ashes of their lives

And my dog Tex

I spent a sleepless night last night.  There I was–tossing and turning over little things.  Tonight I’ll tuck memories of joyful sweetness under my pillow.  Looking forward to the dreams ahead.

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