Friday Five: Random Questions

The first question posed on the Rev Gal Pals Friday Five was “What is the best thing that happened to you this week?”  What a great question with which to begin the day!  That question sent me back through the week remembering delightful moments, the sounds and smells of a rainy early fall morning, tender conversations, the laughter of a friend, the music that has been playing in my head all week, the sense that at this moment in life I am doing what I was made to be doing.  How can my heart NOT be grateful.  But the BEST thing about the week, the VERY BEST thing, was an awareness that came to me while working on a sermon.  I was reading Isaiah and stumbled on the phrase “Every morning he wakens my ear”.  I got to wondering what it would be like if, in that stillness of the early morning, I let my ear be wakened to the cries of the poor, the hungry, the lonely, the fearful–the anawim of God.  How would my day be different?  How would my choices change?  That thought won’t let go of me.  And it’s the very best thing that has happened this week.

The second question this week was one about a talent I would showcase if I were in one of those beauty contests.  Ya, right.  Eliminated before I could even walk down the aisle.  No talents to showcase.  No crown for me.  But there is something I would love to show before the world.  It’s not performance art.  It wouldn’t win any blue ribbons at any fair at any level in any part of the country.  But it’s my art and I’m proud of it.  I call it “Water World”.  It now lives with my spiritual director not far from the beach in Maui.  

The third question, “You were just given a YACHT!!! What would you name it, and why?” is easy.    I’d name my yacht “Titanic” because I wouldn’t take care of her and she would sink.

The fourth question STUMPED me.  The circus???  What act would I perform?  Even more unlikely than performing at a Miss/Mr./Mrs./Ms. World contest.  But if I change just one word, I can answer the question.  The role I’d perform……………(drum roll please) is ticket taker.  That way I could see all who entered.  Check them out.  Guess about their lives.  Wonder to myself, “Do they fit better with the audience or in the clown car?”

The last question, “What do you have in your bag/wallet/backpack that best describes your personality? ”  My Lett’s pocket calendar.  It’s real leather (Quality is important to me), thin and elegant in design (it’s all about the visual), has my public life and private thoughts and, because it’s both visual and kinesthetic, helps me remember things.  Did I say that it is black and matches all my clothes.

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8 Responses to Friday Five: Random Questions

  1. I love the quote from Isaiah, I’m so glad you shared that. I hear it as a way to listen for God’s voice, and these days I can use all the divine coaching I can get as I try to find a job!

    Great idea to people watch while taking tickets. And color coordination is very important.

  2. Karla Miller says:

    oh, I love your first answer, and how that phrase from the text keeps whispering to you.
    the revgal yacht names have been keeping me in stitches, including yours!
    thanks for playing!

  3. Jan Hilton says:

    You honestly answer more as I should have. . . .and I have a Lett’s pocket calendar, too, but what I like most of all is the Lett’s notebook that I keep in my purse.

  4. leah says:

    your art is gorgeous–thanks for showing us! ticket taker is a great way to participate; who’d of thunk?! peace!

  5. Beth says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome week!

  6. I love your play–thanks so much for drawing us toward thinking differently, and for sharing your beautiful art!

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