Friday Five: Assumed Identities

The question of the day today was “What five characters would you switch places with for a day?”

A day?  Must I limit it to a day?  And what day would that be?  Their best day?  Their worst day?  Their most memorable day?  Their most ordinary day?  What a challenge!!!

Characters in a book?  A Movie? A painting?  Maybe characters I have known in my life.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m going with stream of consciousness.

Eleanor Roosevelt.  But with her I’ll take a decade.  The 1940’s.  I’d like to know how she kept getting up after losing a round with FDR.  I’d like to accompany her on her visits to defense plants.  I’d like to read along with her as she prepared for the UN Conference.

The women who sat by the waters of Babylon and wept.  How did you console one another? What were the hopes you harbored in your hearts?  What wisdom do you have to share with me in the moments when I, too, sit down and weep?

Women who went west on the Overland Trail.  I want to see the journey through your eyes.  What knocked your socks off?  When did it dawn on you that you couldn’t go home again?  What moved you to tears?  How did you hold it together?  How about those big skies and western sunsets?  What was the first thing you discarded as the horses led your wagon over the mountains?  The last thing?  The hardest thing?

Madame Curie.  Did you see yourself as a barrier breaker?  What flack did you take?  How did you endure it?

My Dad.  I want to know what life was like for you before your Mother died.  Truth be told, I want to know the before and after of it all.  I’ve heard about the farm hand who carried the influenza germs to the farm outside New haven.  And I’ve heard your Mother first nursed you through the flu and then came down with it herself.  Did you feel guilty?  What was the before of your life? I’ve heard how you sat on her grave and waited for her return.  How did such a little boy move on?  I know some of the after of your life but don’t know how you got there.  I want to know how you Learned to treasure joy for that is surely how you lived?

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5 Responses to Friday Five: Assumed Identities

  1. right with you, there, on the one and only Eleanor!

  2. What a creative list. You gave me a lot to think about. Peace.

  3. As a descendant of Mormon pioneers who traveled west Manchester, England to Salt Lake City in 1848, I am fascinated by the journey. I do have a genealogy of the family and her story is told in it – at least what we know. It does not share, however, her feelings. I have to imagine how she felt…

    You have an interesting list of “characters”…thought provoking.

    • revalli says:

      I hope you do convert that story to a book one day. In the meantime, you might be interesting in California Ho! It’s a book published by Huntington Library in Pasadena and tells the stories of women’s journeys west.

      I’ve enjoyed your Mormon stories in your comment and your sermon.

  4. Leah Sophia says:

    how beautiful, thoughtful and imaginative; it would be wonderful to hear your Dad’s story; peace!

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