Friday Five: August 10


1.  Have you planned anything for the fall/winter  that you are so proud of yourself for doing so?  What is it?

One for the fall and one for the winter:

For the fall we (The Diocese of the Rio Grande Mission to The Homeless and St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church) will be a partner site for the 2012 Trinity Wall Street Conference featuring Joan Chittister and Richard Rohr.  We’re offering two different dates—November 17 and January 12—and two different locations both in Albuquerque.  Rev Gal Pals, come and join us!!!

In the winter, we (the DRG Mission to the Homeless in collaboration with the diocesan School for Ministry) hope to offer the first iteration of our six-month externship program in serving the poor (a program of supervised hands-on experience combined with spiritual direction and theological reflection).  This is very much in the planning stages and will no doubt take on new dimensions as the planning continues.  However, we do plan on offering this to all who are interested and would like to have it required of everyone in the ordination process.  Imagine—a generation of clergy trained in serving the poor!

2.  What day of the week describes how you feel about yourself and why?

         Today I feel like Easter Saturday—at that low point when theworld feels empty and yet holding onto a shred of hope thatthe promises Jesus made will somehow come true.  I’m back east to participate in a memorial service for a dearly loved nephew killed in a car accident less than a week ago.

3. If you could have been with Jesus at any one of his miracles, which would it have been, and why?

    For sure it would be one of the feeding miracles.  After allI work out of a day shelter that feeds hungry people.  I would loved to have seen the look on people’s faces when they saw that there was even food left over.  I wonder how that changed their lives.

4.  If you could have had another brother or sister, what would you have wanted, and why?

       I am happy with what I have (one brother).  It was great growing up with a companion, but as a social introvert any more than one sibling would have probably driven me nuts.  Though I do like being part of my husband’s huge family and particularly at times like this when we all draw together and support one another in our shared grief (and in our shared joy when the occasion warrants it).

5.  If you had to choose one word that defined you and your life, what word would it be?

I’m from the Midwest.  It’s hard to write or talk about myself.  One word???  Guess the best I can do is to use offer a phrase defining my life:  never a dull moment.  Think even my husband would agree with that, and he has shared half of it with me.

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2 Responses to Friday Five: August 10

  1. leah says:

    oh, I love the idea of both fall and winter plans! and I am so sorry about your nephew… sending peace and hope

  2. Purple says:

    The social introvert thing…me too! One of my very close friends has a family which does everything together and there cousins upon cousins who live in the same community. I am exhausted after even an afternoon with them.

    I could not get here via your link on the RevGals or by clicking on your name. I went to the blog roll….and found you.

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