Rev Gals Friday Five Random Thoughts

1.  If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth,where would you take them?


San Francisco–We’d start with brunch at Yank Sing, continue to Golden Gate Park and a stroll through the Tea Garden, stop by Lincoln Park, return to North Beach and start looking for a place to have an iced coffee.  Then we’d browse at City Lights Bookstore before we started looking for the best little Italian bistro to have the perfect end-of-the-day meal.

2.  What is making you grumpy these days?

Not being able to slide the great image of a moon over San Francisco onto this blog.

3.  O.K., so now that you got the grumps out, what is one thing today that will be sheerly joyful for you?

Spending time with Rescue Dogs Tex and Faith

4.    So, do YOU have a garden?  What are you growing?   If you don’t, what is your favorite fresh summertime vegetable/fruit/flower?

What’s a garden?

5.  If the aforementioned aliens suddenly demanded all the contents of your closet, OR ELSE (as in clothing, shoes,  etc.) but kindly said you could keep three items, what would they be?

I’ll take the OR ELSE.  If I didn’t absolutely love it and know I couldn’t live without it, it (the contents of my closet) wouldn’t be in my closet!

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4 Responses to Rev Gals Friday Five Random Thoughts

  1. leah says:

    thanks for playing and my condolences about your image probs! I’d love to see your moon pic–maybe later?!

  2. karla says:

    oh….you get to live in San Francisco! Lovely. Are Tex and Faith foster dogs, or yours? You are very, very, very courageous in the face of the OR ELSE of the VCL Aliens!!! 😉

    • revalli says:

      Used to live in San Francisco, then Berkeley, then Sonoma. Now the Bay Area is only 2 hours away. Go there often.

      Tex and Faith are our dogs. Their pictures are now posted.

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