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That Ain’t Christian

Sometimes I just want to scream, “That ain’t Christian.” Yesterday was one such moment. Returning from my morning bike ride, I picked up the local paper and saw the headline, “Child With Gay Parents Can’t Enroll At School.” The article goes on to explain that the school is a Christian school right here in Albuquerque. A Christian school turning away a child because his parents are gay. That ain’t Christian. Continue reading

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First Words

Sometimes first words matter a lot. Often they set the stage for what is to come. Sometimes they form the kernel of truth or wisdom that courses through all that follows. Sometimes they set the reader or hearer or conversation partner up for the journey ahead. Sometimes they open the doors to new ways of seeing the world. Sometimes they do all of these things. So it is in the case of the dedication of Sister Helen Prejean’s book, Dead Men Walking. Sister Helen dedicates that book to her parents, “…who loved me into being.” Imagine that—imagine being “loved into being.” Continue reading

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Friday Five

It’s Friday and my friends at Rev Gal Blog Pals are again asking the question, “What do you treasure?” To be fair, that’s not exactly the question they are asking, but it’s the question I feel like answering today. The question they posed had to do with what one would keep as one simplified their life. Having moved three times in the last twelve years, we’ve sorted and re-sorted all our possessions three times over. Some have been given away, some have gone to storage later to be retrieved and sorted again, and some have been sold. We’ve pared down and now are holding what we have: Continue reading

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A Matter of Choice

We’re given many opportunities to choose the voices to which we listen, the voices which we follow and the voices which we still. Father Alejandro Soliande had that choice and so did Joe Paterno. Herod Antipas had that choice and so did John the Baptist. Amos had that choice and so did that self-serving priest Amaziah. Herod chose to follow the voice of ambition, the voice of pride, the voice of reputation. John the Baptist chose to follow the voice of God.

You have that choice and so do I and does this part of the Body of Christ we call Live at Five. Will we still the voices of fear and doubt and that nagging question, “Are we up to it?” Will we follow the voice of the One who calls us to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to give shelter to the homeless, to clothe the naked, and to visit those in prison? Will we listen to the voices of the vulnerable ones? The choice is ours. Continue reading

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Rev Gals Friday Five Random Thoughts

1.  If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth,where would you take them?   San Francisco–We’d start with brunch at Yank Sing, … Continue reading

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A Heart Filled with Joy

My heart is filled with joy today.  It’s not a complete, total joy, but it is pretty darn close.  This week our national church voted to approve same-sex blessings—a big step on the way to full equality for all who … Continue reading

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