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Landscapes of a Life

Recently, I read an editorial by David Brooks that captured my imagination.  He was talking about the Bruce Springsteen phenomenon—specifically, the Springsteen’s appeal in Europe.  According to Brooks, European crowds are wild about Springsteen.  When he sings, “Born in the … Continue reading

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Into the Chop

One of the most treacherous of Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes is Lake Mille Lacs.  It’s a huge lake—over 200 square miles. But what makes it really dangerous is it’s shallow depth.  Winds can wreak havoc on shallow waters. Storms can come … Continue reading

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A Vexing Question

Not long after I started coming to St. Michael’s, I joined the New Members Class. It seemed the right thing to do. The first class was a pot-luck—only the potential new members didn’t have bring any food. We just had to bring hearts willing to learn. The class went fine. People introduced themselves and talked about who they were and why they were there. Nothing very threatening. Brian and Sam Hall, the clergy at the time, talked a little bit about St. Michael’s and the Episcopal Church. I was relaxing into the moment. Until we got the homework assignment. On the surface that was no big deal. Just one little question: Who is God to you? Yet even now, over fifteen years later, my stomach turns at that question. Continue reading

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