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Thoughts on Holy Week

I read recently the Rev. Buddy Stallings’ letter about Holy Week.  He said to the people who worship at the church he pastors that he had come to believe that we each get what need and what we can absorb … Continue reading

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A Law of Love Written on World-Weary Hearts

We gather here tonight, a people weary with the weight of our world, a people numbed by the headlines of the week:

“Grieving Parents Join in March”

“‘I Am Trayvon’ Thousands Say”

“Soldier Charged in Afghanistan Murders”

“Three Plead Guilty in Death of Black Man”

“Verdict in Rutgers Case”

“Slain Teen’s Friends Say He Never Picked a Fight” Continue reading

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Beyond the Box

So often the God we seek, the God we claim is a lesser God. A God we can understand. A God we can influence. A God we can bring home for dinner. God who comforts. God who inspires. God who plays fair. God who plays nice. A fixer God. God in a box.

But this is not the God Paul proclaims. This is not God of the Cross. Not the God of our weary years or the God of our silent tears. Not the God of Auschwitz or Dafur or the Killing Fields of Cambodia. Not the God of Matthew Shepard and those who mourn him still. Not the God of the women buried on Nine Mile Hill. Not the God of you and me in our worst moments. Continue reading

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Reflections on preaching Paul

One of the joys of preaching is spending time with the text—diving in, getting to know the scripture and its context, and getting to know the book from which the passage is taken, attempting to figure out just what the … Continue reading

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