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Wilderness Times

The wilderness is not a place where I go willingly. It frightens me. It bewilders me. It confuses me. I find it hard to get my bearings in the wilderness. I believe I am not alone in this. Even Jesus had to be driven into the wilderness. And no wonder, for the wilderness is a place filled with wild things and tempters and all sorts of threats to one’s security and tranquility and comfort. The wilderness is a dangerous place. An unpredictable place. A place where even your sense of self is shaken to its core. It’s a place I don’t even like to visit or revisit.

And yet. And yet we can’t escape those wilderness times in life. They are a part of every life. Continue reading

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The Fast God Seeks

Leave that sackcloth behind.

Wash those ashes off your face.

This is not the fast that God desires,

This is not the fast we’re called to keep. Continue reading

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By the Lapels

How do you comfort prisoners bereaved and broken? What words of solace do you give to a people tempered in a furnace of adversity? How can you soothe the souls of people who have witnessed their homes destroyed, their temple desecrated, their country brought to ruin? Where is the hope for those whose hopes have been dashed? What is the balm that heals the sores that fester when you think your God has abandoned you? Continue reading

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