My little nook

I love my study–it’s home to me and my dog Tex.  Along with us in this special space are many of my books.  Within reach, Luise Schottroff’s Jesus of Nazareth, the Book of Common Prayer, and four translations of the psalms.  To my left my favorite picture of my husband.  Of course there’s the computer (a laptop that never moves) and the printer.  On the bookshelves to my right and behind me are little things I love–the vase I made of psalms when I went through a hard patch, a card from my brother quoting Katherine Hepburn “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun,” a cribbage board, a communion kit, a porcelain dog that belonged to my grandfather, and pictures of my family.  On the floor and on the ottoman and even on the extra chair I have my piles of work undone.  Why are there always so many piles?  On the walls a Guadalupe icon, a picture of the Cross of Nails, and my “Whatever” clock.  In front of me a window looking out on a honeysuckle hedge where hummingbirds feed and onto the street as well.

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